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Credit Repair

Custom taiored credit repair programs. Every consumer has different issues and circumstances and therefore it is necessary to approach every credit repair with a personally designed program.  The 'Canadian Credit Improvement' e-book will fill you in on the process for only $6.99.

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Debt Settlement

Our Debt Reduction Program is a viable solution for consumers struggling with debt, and who need fast relief. My Canadian Credit may be able to dramatically lower your overall debt in the shortest amount of time, while protecting you from having to file bankruptcy..

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Credit Coaching

If you want a set of instructions and a great headstart, then the Credit Coaching program is the one for you. The Credit Coach will review your credit reports and provide you with an action plan and options matched with your specific credit goals. This program is perfect for individuals that have had a repossession in either AB or BC and are still being pursued for payments..

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Credit Repair E-Book

If you have the time and patience, you can always attempt your own credit repair.  There are no special rules for Credit Repair companies.  You are able to do everything that they can as long as yo have the know-how.  This book will give you that.  Purchase your credit repair e-book at for only $7.95 and do it yourself.

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